Friday, 23 March 2012

Answers to the basic questions.

Koi pond settings.

The above link shows how to set your skimmer, bottom drain and flanged pond returns when using our foam lining system.

The bottom drain should be set flush within the concrete, everything else 12mm proud into the pond.  Leave the rest to us and we'll seal everything flush with nothing for the fish to snag themselves on.

We seal down into the bottom drain by 2" and apply an belt and braces seal of silicone at the meeting point of our grp and the ABS plastic drain.  The same applies to the skimmer.

These are the basics we get asked a lot but if you have any specific enquiries simply let us know and we'll answer promptly.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

14,000+ views to GRP Koivista.

GRP Koi vista gallery 2005 +

Our gallery of some of the koi ponds we have worked on over the years has been viewed more than 14 thousand times making it one of the most popular on

The gallery is by no means an exhaustive list of ALL of the ponds but it showcases some of the very best ponds built in the UK and of course GRP fibreglassed them.

It gives me the owner of GRP great satisfaction that after all the hard work tht goes into the construction of a koi pond that GRP is chosen to install one of the most critical aspects of the build, the waterproofing.

Now that the daytime temperatures are favourable for outside grp installations we'll be looking forward to updating Koivista and this blog throught 2012 starting this week with a trip down to Surrey.

Best wishes to all future customers and those since 1994.

Matt Williams