Saturday, 23 April 2011


It's great that we are trusted to fibreglass your ponds for you and very rewarding to read your feedback on various forums.

Always a pleasure to read the messsages we get by text and email for doing a good job.


Thursday, 21 April 2011


York. Koi pond fibreglassing.: York. Koi pond fibreglassing.: Koi pond fibreglass...: 'We are off to York tomorrow to seal an 8000 gallon koi pond. The owner of the new pond foun..."

York. Koi pond fibreglassing.: Koi pond fibreglassing. Yorkshire.

GRP. Fibreglass installations specialists. "We are off to York tomorrow to seal an 8000 gallon koi pond. The owner of the new pond found our services on the internet, joined the Y..."

New direction.

It's been a massive start to 2011 for the firm helped by brilliant weather early on.

There are still two ponds outstanding from 2010 due to water ingress and they'll be completed in the next two weeks and we have bookings as far in advance as as June in the diary for koi ponds and the commercial side of the business.

The website rebuild.

This is coming along very well with three firms helping out with graphics, video and the fonts.  I'm having a job understanding all their technical terms so the best thing I can do is make the suggestions and leave the pro's to it.

Here's a screen grab of the forthcoming 3D video.

and the font to be used on the website, new van signwriting and corporate wear.

I even managed t swap the number plates from the old van to the new one without assistance.  There is a new P20 GRP! 

Here she is, plate changed, sign writing done by Phil, thanks mate.

And the new corporate shirts.

The website is coming along very nicely.  Here are a couple of screen grabs.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Koi pond fibreglassing. Yorkshire.

We are off to York tomorrow to seal an 8000 gallon koi pond.  

The owner of the new pond found our services on the internet,  joined the Yorkshire Koi Society forum and had a visit to one of our previous customers local to him to view our workmanship and ask for a reference on our sevices.

I do not wish to name the customer in York for security reasons but he has kindly been in touch with us at every stage of his build informing us of his progress and kept us up to date with photographs.  The build quality of the pond so far is exceptionally good and I quote our customer here "I'm a perfectionist and that's why I have chosen you guys to do the fibreglassing."

We are not just sealing the pond with fibreglass.  We are pre-lining the faultless walls with the polyurethane foam lining system we introduced to the domestic market back in 2005.  This has eliminated the need to have the pond rendered and speeds up the build process by not having to wait for a traditional sand/cement render to dry out.

The installation will be of two days duration, the b&b is booked as is a table at a fine restaurant to unwind at with the customer on the first evening.  We are promised the best steaks in Yorkshire at one of the customers favourite steak houses called the Rythre Arms!  Their website is at

I'll update this blog with photographs subject to our clients permission being granted and thoroughly look forward to be working in one of my favourite UK locations yet again, Yorkshire.

Here's the pond as of Monday 11th April.  A weatherproof cover has been erected in case of inclement weather and to protect it from intense sunlight. For more information about this is required see the website at

The huge viewing pane at the front will give a most spectacular view of the koi for aesthetics and health checks of the fish.  I have worked on a pond with a similar sized window and know full well how the customer will feel to be treated to a view like this of his prized koi. 

Update 14th April 2011.

The foam/grp installation was completed at 6pm yesterday.  The foam took a day to install as it was rather a large pond. We radiussed the corners of the pond throughout and incorporated a window recess.  The customer elected for us to incorporate this recess for free as opposed to buying a specially fabricated aluminium frame.  We made the recess then measured it.  Then measured it again, then again and again!  With the glass weighing it 98 kilos there is no room for error and once the pond was fibreglassed we checked the measurements again and the glass will fit flush to the inside of the pond.

This video is of a pond we fibreglassed in Somerset a couple of years ago with the same window design and as you can see the view this customer will get in a week or so when the pond is filled will be staggering.  

It was fantastic to be back in Yorkshire yet again, we met some of our friends from the YKS, namely Roy, Margaret and Tony whilst we were on site.  Lucy and I had a great time and were very well looked after with great hospitality from the customer and treated to a fabulous meal at The Rythre Arms.

A days r&r in Flamborough today sees us fighting fit for the next job which we'll blog about soon............