Monday, 25 July 2011

Important announcement. New email address.

Our email address has changed to

The old hotmail address will be shut down at the end of July 2011.

The website has been updated with this new gmail address.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Japan Competition winner.

Mr Shaw of Castleford, West Yorkshire won GRP's  'Trip to Japan' competition earlier this year.

Jim rang me personally to say how over the moon he was to have won the competition that was hosted exclusively by the Yorkshire Koi Society and it was planned for April 2011 but due to the March tsunami wreaking havoc in Japan it was decided that we and Darren from Absolute Koi who is his guide for the trip ought to postpone until a more suitable time.

Hopefully things will have settled down in Japan so Jim can finally look forward to and I quote him here "The trip of a lifetime.......Japan, the place I only ever dream of going to as a koi enthusiast but I actually won!"

Jim's win was posted on the forum back in February and I believe he'll be posting pictures of his trip on the forum from Japan so definitely one to watch out for in October. 

Well done again Jim Shaw.  By all accounts you are a most worthy winner of the competition.

GRP Fixed it for Jim :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Being talked about :)

One of our new customers asked if this was us when they saw it online so I had to take a look.

Anyone used GRP?

Very satisfying that previous clients say good things about us.  Gives me great confidence going into  tomorrows job (not that I need it of course) which you can see here.

Daz and Helens pond

There's a header pool attached to the main pond PLUS we'll be glassing Britains youngest koi keeper's pond in the same two days!

Daz got in touch with us way back in March and has kept in touch not just to ask for build advice tips but also to keep us informed of the build progress so we can be there when we are needed rather than have to wait for our diary to clear.  We glassed a pond 30 miles away from this job last week for a member of Daz's koi club East Yorkshire Koi Society.  (Link on page right.)

I'll add some pics of the job when we get back in a couple of days.


Update 20/7

It rained.
Then it rained again.
Rained some more.
Rained again very heavily.
It changed to persistent rain.
Rained again.
And again.
And then some.

The cover held up. All three ponds are now foam lined and glassed.  A return visit to site tomorrow to inspect the job, sand down and to apply the topcoat will leave the ponds fully waterproof.

The build quality of the pond is very good.  A slight exception is on the floor near the drain but I fixed that with the foam.

It rained so heavily that water worked its way through the block work walls and underneath the foam at the end opposite the window.  Once this was dealt with I carried on working.  At about 4:30 it was time to seal Keiran's pond that I foam lined yesterday.

By the time that was sealed I called it a day. A fresh day tomorrow will see the ponds topcoated in black.

It rained most of the way home too.

Daz and Helen's pond foam lined and glassed.

and Britain's Youngest Koi Keeper's pond :)  Also the smallest koi pond we've ever glassed!

I had a fantastic time yet again in Yorkshire and a huge thanks to Helen's hospitality and tea making skills! 

Next stop for us is Fleet in Hampshire on Tuesday, a small water feature to work on in Derby Wednesday then on to Warwick on Friday.