Friday, 21 October 2011

Our competition winner is in Japan.

Jim Shaw from Castleford won our fabulous competition to visit Japan and the koi dealers, view koi harvests and experience the trip of a lifetime.

He's blogging his travels and you can follow them here.

Jim's Japan blog.

Jim has been sending me updates on a daily basis and he's having a thoroughly good time in Japan, 'The Mecca of koi keepers.'

I'm so pleased the trip so far has been every bit as good as you expected, see you when you get back Jim!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Essex, Essex, Essex.

3 visits to Essex.

Barking.  Extreme Koi forum member Mr Kahlon had his new koi pond foam lined and glassed by GRP a few days ago.

Thank you very much to you Hardip for your hospitality during our visit and for building such a well built pond for us to work on!

Stanford le Hope.  Graham is a member of A4 Koi forum, Koimag and Koi Quest forum.  The pond has been been built for exatly a year and we were called in to apply our grp system onto an immaculately laid render.  Our website shows most ponds we work on having our PU foam lining system installed by us first but this pool goes to show that we will of course still fibreglass rendered ponds.  When the render is as good as we arrived to the fibreglass is bound to turn out 100%!  Great pond, 7 feet deep, a well planned and thought out filtration room out of sight in the garage too.

Follow this link to what shows a true koi keepers dedication to koi keeping.

Grahams pond diary.

If you view the entire thread you'll appreciate the massive amount of work that goes into a project such as this.  We are always delighted to be the chosen contractor to install the water proofing system after so much hard work has gone in.

Great pond in the making you have there Graham.  May you have many years enjoyment from it in the future and thanks for choosing GRP.

Our final visit for the week was to without doubt the best pond I have ever had the pleasure to fibreglass in the entire country.

I've spoken so highly of this koi pond so many times over the years and I couldn't resist a visit to see Dave again today as we were working nearby on Grahams pond in Stanford.

Lucy and I were welcomed with a cup of tea as usual and a walk through of the main pond, the breeding tanks,filtration systems and the beautiful garden surroundings for it all.  This year we see everything blooming in it's full splendourwith new grape vines, banana trees and the ever gorgeous acers......

Dave was showing us his koi. Some of them he spawned himself.  Well not himself exactly, the fish did the technical bits, Dave grew the fry on then moved them into the main display pond and it's really clear that Dave is truly dedicated to his koi keeping, filtration and water keeping and doing things the best way possible in all aspects.

Dave built the pond back in 2006 and if you click this link

UK's best koi pond

you'll see how this brilliant koi pond has progressed over the years.

Dave and I. Always a pleasure Dave, always will be. 


Friday, 9 September 2011

Kent, Derbyshire and Warwickshire.

Had a great week with visits to Kent, Warwickshire and our hometown of Derbyshire.

Bruce in Kent had been in touch with us for several months whilst he was building his brilliant pond near Hastings.  Our second visit to the town in as many years saw us complete his foam lining and fibreglassing over two days.

Here's the pond.
Sorry the picture doesn't do Bruces work justice but take it from me it's a really good pond with hardscaping around it planned for later this year to compliment it all.

I did a solo visit in Derbyshire to seal this water feature which was partly full of water on my arrival!  Soon sorted that and went on the same day to leave a fully sealed mirror reflection pool as seen here.

The Warwickshire job was so well built it was a dream for us to work on.  Meticulous planning by the client, excellent communications between us and a site visit prior to our attendance as we glassed a pond 4 miles away the week before we came saw Ian with his pond and water cascades fully glassed and awaiting filling with water at the weekend.....

This is the pool we did the 3D filming on.  See our blog for the footage when I get chance to edit it.

All in all we had a really enjoyable week, met some great people as always and look forward to updating the blog with pictures of their finished projects......

Huge thanks as usual to Lucy, Fanjita, Nick and the customers that trust us to do this critical work for them.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

3D video shoot.

I'm not sure if too many people have 3D capability but it's an experimental thing, no disruption to the job and offers another aspect to interactivity via the website.

Click the link below to view the video.  Please note it is in 3D.

3D Fibreglassing video

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Thoroughly delighted!

Todays clients kindly took the trouble to send a very warming email.

I am not sure who is more pleased.  Me for receiving such a great email or the clients?
To be trusted to work on a pond that to date has taken 18 months of very hard work is the real compliment.

Matt, a very happy owner of GRP!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Important announcement. New email address.

Our email address has changed to

The old hotmail address will be shut down at the end of July 2011.

The website has been updated with this new gmail address.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Japan Competition winner.

Mr Shaw of Castleford, West Yorkshire won GRP's  'Trip to Japan' competition earlier this year.

Jim rang me personally to say how over the moon he was to have won the competition that was hosted exclusively by the Yorkshire Koi Society and it was planned for April 2011 but due to the March tsunami wreaking havoc in Japan it was decided that we and Darren from Absolute Koi who is his guide for the trip ought to postpone until a more suitable time.

Hopefully things will have settled down in Japan so Jim can finally look forward to and I quote him here "The trip of a lifetime.......Japan, the place I only ever dream of going to as a koi enthusiast but I actually won!"

Jim's win was posted on the forum back in February and I believe he'll be posting pictures of his trip on the forum from Japan so definitely one to watch out for in October. 

Well done again Jim Shaw.  By all accounts you are a most worthy winner of the competition.

GRP Fixed it for Jim :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Being talked about :)

One of our new customers asked if this was us when they saw it online so I had to take a look.

Anyone used GRP?

Very satisfying that previous clients say good things about us.  Gives me great confidence going into  tomorrows job (not that I need it of course) which you can see here.

Daz and Helens pond

There's a header pool attached to the main pond PLUS we'll be glassing Britains youngest koi keeper's pond in the same two days!

Daz got in touch with us way back in March and has kept in touch not just to ask for build advice tips but also to keep us informed of the build progress so we can be there when we are needed rather than have to wait for our diary to clear.  We glassed a pond 30 miles away from this job last week for a member of Daz's koi club East Yorkshire Koi Society.  (Link on page right.)

I'll add some pics of the job when we get back in a couple of days.


Update 20/7

It rained.
Then it rained again.
Rained some more.
Rained again very heavily.
It changed to persistent rain.
Rained again.
And again.
And then some.

The cover held up. All three ponds are now foam lined and glassed.  A return visit to site tomorrow to inspect the job, sand down and to apply the topcoat will leave the ponds fully waterproof.

The build quality of the pond is very good.  A slight exception is on the floor near the drain but I fixed that with the foam.

It rained so heavily that water worked its way through the block work walls and underneath the foam at the end opposite the window.  Once this was dealt with I carried on working.  At about 4:30 it was time to seal Keiran's pond that I foam lined yesterday.

By the time that was sealed I called it a day. A fresh day tomorrow will see the ponds topcoated in black.

It rained most of the way home too.

Daz and Helen's pond foam lined and glassed.

and Britain's Youngest Koi Keeper's pond :)  Also the smallest koi pond we've ever glassed!

I had a fantastic time yet again in Yorkshire and a huge thanks to Helen's hospitality and tea making skills! 

Next stop for us is Fleet in Hampshire on Tuesday, a small water feature to work on in Derby Wednesday then on to Warwick on Friday.

Friday, 10 June 2011

From Devon to Derbyshire.

I had an interesting solo trip to Devon to seal this very small water feature on Tuesday.

A day off to go sea kayaking in Brixham was followed by a two day installation in our home county of Derbyshire on an absolutely brilliant pond.

I visited the site about 4 weeks previously to snag (advise on the prep) the job for the pond constructors.  The build quality was so good that there was barely any snagging to do, just a sample of foam left with them so they could configure the 12 LED lights built into the walls was all that was required along with advice and reasons for a weatherproof cover.

Applying the PU foam to the pool was a straightforward affair but carried out in punishing temperatures.  This was completed by 2pm and I ruled out starting the grp work due to the excessive heat at that time of day.  We attended site early on Friday morning to start the grp proper.  By 2.30 and with temperatures at stiffling temperatures the grp work was complete with Lucy installing the majority of the surface tissue application on her own.  She has a great eye for this work, real attention being paid to the attention required to achieve the enamel like finish we pride ourselves on. It dawned on me then that Lucy is, as far as I am aware the only female grp laminator in the UK working on ponds!

We took some r&r away from the job allowing daytime temperatures to drop to comfortable levels and went back to site at 5.30pm, greeted with some more hot refreshing tea provided by the pond owners.

A 7.30pm finish left the pond waterproof and in immaculate condition just as the rain started, the cover holding up to perfection.

All in all we had relatively quiet week by our standards and worked on what is possibly one of the best built ponds we've been invited to so far in 2011.

Here are a couple of pictures from the perfectly built pond.

Foam lined and fully glassed, sanded down and ready for the topcoat.

One of the 12 LED light fittings, sealed, masked off to protect the lens and ready to be very carefully flowcoated around!

Here you see the complex shape of the pond.  Split level, lights, tangental returns, fillets and a surface skimmer ALL left in a 100% waterproof condition.

The header course of bricks are being fitted tomorrow and I'll pop a couple of pictures of this completed pond in due course.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

3D trial video

This is the first trial of a 3D video we are toying with the idea of. 

Friday, 27 May 2011

End of May '11

We had an interesting week with three installations in Norfolk, Leamington Spa and Ludlow, Shropshire.

We were treated to fantastic views during the drive to Ludlow especially over Clee Hill, the views from the top were awesome.

During the Ludlow installation the weather turned quite nasty with high winds and very heavy showers.

Unfortunately the protective covering failed and we had to abandon site in the name of safety.

We decided to make a short video of the Norfolk job and the Ludlow job to show you the difference a good cover makes. 

If you have any queries on how to build a suitable cover we'll advise you but hopefully video gives a very clear example.  The first cover survived the entire winter of 2010 in fact.

We'll be returning to Ludlow next week to finish off.  Not an ideal situation for the client who would like their fish in the pond quickly.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A lovely sight whilst we were working.

Matt 2 and I were renovating a roof on Thursday and Friday and Matt 2 saw a birdbox on the side of the building.  I took a quick peek inside and there was a blue tit sat tight on her eggs.

It was amazing to see her diligently carrying on her duties despite us stripping the old bitumen off, sawing the new roof deck with a circular saw and even tolerating the vapours given off the fibreglass!

I took a quick video of the bird in her box.  See below.

Easter eggs over the Easter Bank Holiday.


Saturday, 23 April 2011


It's great that we are trusted to fibreglass your ponds for you and very rewarding to read your feedback on various forums.

Always a pleasure to read the messsages we get by text and email for doing a good job.


Thursday, 21 April 2011


York. Koi pond fibreglassing.: York. Koi pond fibreglassing.: Koi pond fibreglass...: 'We are off to York tomorrow to seal an 8000 gallon koi pond. The owner of the new pond foun..."

York. Koi pond fibreglassing.: Koi pond fibreglassing. Yorkshire.

GRP. Fibreglass installations specialists. "We are off to York tomorrow to seal an 8000 gallon koi pond. The owner of the new pond found our services on the internet, joined the Y..."

New direction.

It's been a massive start to 2011 for the firm helped by brilliant weather early on.

There are still two ponds outstanding from 2010 due to water ingress and they'll be completed in the next two weeks and we have bookings as far in advance as as June in the diary for koi ponds and the commercial side of the business.

The website rebuild.

This is coming along very well with three firms helping out with graphics, video and the fonts.  I'm having a job understanding all their technical terms so the best thing I can do is make the suggestions and leave the pro's to it.

Here's a screen grab of the forthcoming 3D video.

and the font to be used on the website, new van signwriting and corporate wear.

I even managed t swap the number plates from the old van to the new one without assistance.  There is a new P20 GRP! 

Here she is, plate changed, sign writing done by Phil, thanks mate.

And the new corporate shirts.

The website is coming along very nicely.  Here are a couple of screen grabs.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Koi pond fibreglassing. Yorkshire.

We are off to York tomorrow to seal an 8000 gallon koi pond.  

The owner of the new pond found our services on the internet,  joined the Yorkshire Koi Society forum and had a visit to one of our previous customers local to him to view our workmanship and ask for a reference on our sevices.

I do not wish to name the customer in York for security reasons but he has kindly been in touch with us at every stage of his build informing us of his progress and kept us up to date with photographs.  The build quality of the pond so far is exceptionally good and I quote our customer here "I'm a perfectionist and that's why I have chosen you guys to do the fibreglassing."

We are not just sealing the pond with fibreglass.  We are pre-lining the faultless walls with the polyurethane foam lining system we introduced to the domestic market back in 2005.  This has eliminated the need to have the pond rendered and speeds up the build process by not having to wait for a traditional sand/cement render to dry out.

The installation will be of two days duration, the b&b is booked as is a table at a fine restaurant to unwind at with the customer on the first evening.  We are promised the best steaks in Yorkshire at one of the customers favourite steak houses called the Rythre Arms!  Their website is at

I'll update this blog with photographs subject to our clients permission being granted and thoroughly look forward to be working in one of my favourite UK locations yet again, Yorkshire.

Here's the pond as of Monday 11th April.  A weatherproof cover has been erected in case of inclement weather and to protect it from intense sunlight. For more information about this is required see the website at

The huge viewing pane at the front will give a most spectacular view of the koi for aesthetics and health checks of the fish.  I have worked on a pond with a similar sized window and know full well how the customer will feel to be treated to a view like this of his prized koi. 

Update 14th April 2011.

The foam/grp installation was completed at 6pm yesterday.  The foam took a day to install as it was rather a large pond. We radiussed the corners of the pond throughout and incorporated a window recess.  The customer elected for us to incorporate this recess for free as opposed to buying a specially fabricated aluminium frame.  We made the recess then measured it.  Then measured it again, then again and again!  With the glass weighing it 98 kilos there is no room for error and once the pond was fibreglassed we checked the measurements again and the glass will fit flush to the inside of the pond.

This video is of a pond we fibreglassed in Somerset a couple of years ago with the same window design and as you can see the view this customer will get in a week or so when the pond is filled will be staggering.  

It was fantastic to be back in Yorkshire yet again, we met some of our friends from the YKS, namely Roy, Margaret and Tony whilst we were on site.  Lucy and I had a great time and were very well looked after with great hospitality from the customer and treated to a fabulous meal at The Rythre Arms.

A days r&r in Flamborough today sees us fighting fit for the next job which we'll blog about soon............