Thursday, 21 April 2011

New direction.

It's been a massive start to 2011 for the firm helped by brilliant weather early on.

There are still two ponds outstanding from 2010 due to water ingress and they'll be completed in the next two weeks and we have bookings as far in advance as as June in the diary for koi ponds and the commercial side of the business.

The website rebuild.

This is coming along very well with three firms helping out with graphics, video and the fonts.  I'm having a job understanding all their technical terms so the best thing I can do is make the suggestions and leave the pro's to it.

Here's a screen grab of the forthcoming 3D video.

and the font to be used on the website, new van signwriting and corporate wear.

I even managed t swap the number plates from the old van to the new one without assistance.  There is a new P20 GRP! 

Here she is, plate changed, sign writing done by Phil, thanks mate.

And the new corporate shirts.

The website is coming along very nicely.  Here are a couple of screen grabs.

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